Civilian Complaint Review Board
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Basic Brochure
CCRB’s basic brochure tells you what to do when you’ve experienced or witnessed police misconduct. This reader-friendly pamphlet details the agency’s jurisdiction, the many ways of filing a complaint and how complaints are resolved. It is available in five languages.
English (in PDF)
Español (in PDF)
繁體中文 (in PDF)
Kreyòl ayisyen (in PDF)
Italiano (in PDF)
한국어 (in PDF)
Русский (in PDF)


Street Encounters
This 4-page pocket size card gives information and tips that can help you in the event that you are stopped and frisked by police.
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Encuentros en la Calle
Esta tarjeta de bolsillo da información y recomendaciones que le pueden ayudar en caso de que sea parado y cacheado por la policía
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Guide to Mediation
This 8-page booklet explains the CCRB’s mediation program, which gives people the option of having their complaints resolved without a lengthy investigation. The booklet details every aspect of a mediation session and how mediation gives people the satisfaction of telling a police officer how his or her conduct affected them.
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For the LGBTQ Community
Sexual orientation or perceived orientation, gender identity or gender expression, and race are not ligitimate reasons for a police officer to stop, frisk or search you.
This postcard explains what police actions are permissable during street encounters and how to file a police misconduct complaint.
English (in PDF)
Español (in PDF) 
File a Complaint
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