Civilian Complaint Review Board
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Policy Recommendations

The CCRB’s investigation of complaints and data analysis sometimes reveals problems that go beyond specific acts of misconduct and suggest the need for a change in police department policy, procedures, or training.  When this occurs, the board notifies the police commissioner and recommends solutions.

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Pride, Prejudice and Policing:  An Evaluation of LGBTQ-Related Complaints
June 30, 2016
Read the report

"Crossing the Threshold: An Evaluation of Civilian Complaints of Improper Entries and Searches by the NYPD from January 2010 to October 2015"
March 1, 2016
Read the report

"A Mutated Rule: Lack of Enforcement in the Face of Persistent Chokehold Complaints in New York City"
October 7, 2014
Read the report
Read the news release

Follow-up Report on Criminal Trespass-Related Complaints Stemming from Patrolled Housing
May 31, 2013
Read the 4-page report and statistical appendix

Recommendation to strengthen Patrol Guide procedures and retrain officers on the legal principles governing vertical patrols in New York City Housing Authority buildings
October 27, 2010
Read the announcement
Read the testimony given at city council hearing

Recommendation to clarify guidelines and prevent improper seizure from civilians of police union courtesy cards
November 9, 2006
Read the recommendation 

Recommendation that NYPD review its training for policing demonstrations, based on Republican National Convention complaints
May 9, 2006
Read the recommendation

Recommendation that NYPD take measures to facilitate its identification of subject officers, based on complaints from Feb. 15, 2003 anti-war protest
June 8, 2004
Read the recommendation 

Recommendation that NYPD enhance training to ensure officers adhere to proper strip-search procedures
May 12, 2004
Read the recommendation and NYPD roll call message

Recommendation that officers show no-knock search warrants to premise occupants to reduce complaints
November 30, 2003
Read the recommendation and NYPD’s Interim Order in response

Recommendation that NYPD create database to track search warrants
January 2003
Read the recommendation and NYPD's July 1, 2003 Interim Order announcing new database

Recommendation to clarify patrol guide procedures concerning officers’ obligation to provide name and badge number
Read the recommendation and NYPD Interim Order, Revision to Patrol Guide 203-09 “Public Contact- General,” June 27, 2003 

Report on complaints stemming from stop & frisk practices
June 2001
Read the report

Report on use of pepper spray
October 2000
Read the report and recommendations

Report on complaints against officers in the 75th and 81st precincts
August 11, 1998
Read the study

Report on hollow-point bullets
July 8, 1998
Read the report

Report on pepper spray
May 14, 1997
Read the report


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