Civilian Complaint Review Board
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File a Complaint

There are many ways to file a complaint. Choose what is most convenient for you. Remember to provide accurate contact information.

Although helpful, you do not need to know the name or badge number of the officer who is the subject of your complaint.

The CCRB investigates: Excessive Force; Abuse of Authority; Discourtesy; and Offensive Language.

 File online 

CALL the CCRB’s Hotline: 1800-341-2272

Monday through Friday, 8am - 5pm, you will speak directly to an investigator. After 5pm and on weekends, you can leave your complaint on voicemail. Be sure to give contact information where you can be reached during regular business hours. An investigator will call you back promptly.

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CALL 311, anytime 24/7. Outside NYC: 1-212-NEW-YORK 

COME TO our office, 100 Church Street, 10th Fl., New York, NY 10007, anytime between 8 am and 5 pm. No appointment is necessary.
Other locations where we can take your complaint in-person

WRITE A LETTER TO: CCRB, 100 Church St., 10th Floor, New York, NY 10007

GO TO any police station house. File a complaint there or pick up a CCRB complaint form, fill it out at home and mail it to us. The form is pre-addressed and postage-paid.

You will be asked to come to our office so that an investigator can take a formal statement from you about what happened. If travelling to Manhattan is difficult for you, or if you’re hospitalized or in jail, the investigator can travel to you.

Learn more about investigations

The CCRB takes complaints regardless of a person’s immigration status and never asks complainants or witnesses about their immigration status. The CCRB has translation services available in all languages for people with limited English proficiency.

When the CCRB receives a complaint that falls outside of its jurisdiction, it refers the complaint to the appropriate agency. For example, if your complaint is about police corruption or neglect of duty, the CCRB would send it to the Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB) or the Office of the Chief of Department (OCD) respectively; both are part of the police department.

Learn more about the difference between the CCRB and the Internal Affairs Bureau 

File a Complaint
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