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Employment Discrimination

The  NYC Commission on Human Rights provides presentations on employment discrimination for individuals looking for work, in retraining employment programs, or those seeking alternate employment opportunities. These presentations are conducted throughout the City’s many workforce development and other back-to-work agencies. For more information on scheduling or attending a workshop, please call 311 or (212) NEW-YORK. All workshops are free.

The interactive presentations include employment-related information and resources that address various topics, including:

  • Discriminatory employment advertising
  • Potentially discriminatory job interview questions and how to handle them
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Cyberbullying in the workplace
  • Conflict resolution at work
  • Bias and discrimination in relationships with co-workers
  • Unemployment Status

The Commission also provides presentations on employment discrimination for previously incarcerated individuals, those preparing for release from jail or prison, or those on parole or probation. Individuals with arrest and conviction records face additional obstacles when looking for work but do have important protections against employment discrimination under the NYC Human Rights Law, including protections based on an individual's unemployment status.

These interactive presentations discuss many steps likely to increase a participant’s success in locating a job and other related issues as they return to their communities, including:

  • Your Record and the Law
  • Applications, Interviews, and Background Checks
  • Resources available from community organizations and NYC agencies

The Commission developed an English-Spanish pocket guide, Turning the Game Around, NYC Can Help, to offer support, direction, and practical advice from individuals who have succeeded after incarceration.

For more information, refer to Turning the Game Around, NYC Can Help.