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Equal Access: It's the Law

Equal Access: It's the Law
People with disabilities have a right to participate fully in all areas of life, including housing, public accommodations, employment, education, and transportation. Federal, state, and City civil rights laws prohibit discrimination based on disability and promote equal opportunity and equal access.

Equal Access: It’s the Law summarizes disability rights under the NYC Human Rights Law in areas of housing, public accommodations, and employment.

The Commission’s Equal Access Program assists the disabled community by:

  • Identifying architectural and financial resources that are available;
  • Advocating for the disabled when dealing with landlords and/or service providers;
  • Assisting with legal actions if intervention is not successful,
  • Informing residents, consumers, landlords, storeowners, and others of their rights and obligations under the Human Rights Law.

Download this booklet in PDF online below (Adobe required; click here to download), or call 311 or (212) NEW-YORK to receive it by mail.

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