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What the Law Covers

The NYC Human Rights Law, Title 8 of the Administrative Code of the City of New York, prohibits discrimination in New York City. Individuals are protected from discrimination in many areas, based on a number of protected classes.

Areas Covered by the Human Rights Law:

  • Employment (interns, whether paid or not, are considered employees)
  • Housing
  • Public accommodations (doctor's offices, stores, theaters, stadiums, taxi cabs, etc.)
  • Retaliation
  • Bias-related harassment
  • Bias-based profiling by law enforcement

Protected Classes under the Human Rights Law:

  • Race
  • Creed
  • Color
  • Age
  • National origin
  • Alienage or citizenship status
  • Gender (including gender identity and sexual harassment)
  • Sexual orientation
  • Disability (including pregnancy)
  • Marital status and partnership status
  • Additional protections are afforded in employment based on:
    • Arrest or conviction record
    • Status as a victim of domestic violence, stalking, and sex offenses
    • Unemployment status
  • Additional protections are afforded in housing based on:
    • Lawful occupation
    • Family status
    • Lawful source of income

The Law requires that the complaint be filed within one year of the last alleged act of discrimination.

The alleged act of discrimination must have taken place within, or have sufficient connection to, the five boroughs of New York City for a complaint to be filed with the NYC Commission on Human Rights.