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Whether it's through your community board, a local civic organization or a volunteer opportunity, getting involved in your community has never been easier! Use the information and links below to find the right opportunity and start shaping your neighborhood and NYC today.

SEARCH for a civic organization or community board

What is a civic organization?
A civic organization is a channel through which civic engagement and participation take place. Civic engagement happens in a variety of ways, from volunteer efforts to community problem solving, to electoral participation and more. New York City's civic organizations are usually based in a specific neighborhood or community and, while they may focus on a few core issues, generally address any and all community concerns. In most cases, civic organizations form and operate by individuals coming together and upholding a collective commitment to better their community.

Typically, civic organizations and community groups establish their own leadership and structure. They meet once a month to discuss items related to the community. Although civic groups are not community boards, they may be involved and frequently work with their local community board to help tackle the neighborhood's pressing issues.

Use the NYC Civic Database to locate civic organizations and community groups in your neighborhood.

FIND a customized volunteer opportunity

What volunteer opportunity is right for you?
Through NYC Service, New York City's primary volunteer organization and search engine, you can easily connect to service opportunities throughout the five boroughs that utilize your personal skills and help address the causes that are most important to you. NYCService works with non-profits and over 200 AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers to address the City's most pressing needs. Through a variety of programs such as blood drives, sustainability initiatives and legal aid services, NYC Service plants volunteers in well-organized projects that not only help individuals but also improve greater NYC!

The NYC Service search engine, located on their homepage, provides a frequently-updated list of service opportunities as well as options to refine your search based on what problem you would like to help resolve, desired location and date or even personal skill set. Non-profits and businesses can log in to the website and upload volunteer opportunities as well as gain access to recruitment and management resources while aspiring volunteers can browse through posted volunteer listings or create their own volunteer experience.

Visit the NYC Service website to learn more and find the volunteer opportunity that's right for you.

GO green

What NYC green initiatives can you take part in?
Through the PlaNYC initiative launched by Mayor Bloomberg, NYC not only offers ways to get involved in sustainability efforts, but also works to combat climate change, improve the economy and ultimately produce a greener and greater city. The GreeNYC project, a component of PlaNYC, encourages New Yorkers to adopt sustainable practices and supports New Yorkers in their goals of leading greener lifestyles by connecting them to opportunities and resources at the local, state and federal levels.

PlaNYC also includes MillionTreesNYC, an effort launched by the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation and the NY Restoration Project to plant 1 million trees throughout NYC's 5 boroughs over the next 10 years. MillionTreesNYC aims to keep our air clean and reduce pollutants linked to asthma and other respiratory diseases, all while making our streets and parks look nicer!

Visit the PlaNYC website to see how you can help promote a greener, greater New York City.

CREATE change

How can you create your own projects and initiatives?
The City of New York runs Change By Us NYC, a website that allows New Yorkers to post ideas for improving their neighborhoods and helps them put those ideas into action! Created by Local Projects, Change By Us revolutionizes grassroots community building by allowing residents to create their own projects and partnerships while making it easier for them to locate the resources, manpower and support they need to get started. Users of the site can also browse volunteer efforts, join projects and give their feedback as a way to become involved.

Visit Change By Us NYC online to see how you can create change in your community today.

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Service Request Map

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