Graffiti Free NYC

The Mayor's Office works closely with a team of City agencies to implement Graffiti Free NYC, a citywide effort to combat graffiti in local communities. The Graffiti Free NYC initiative allows New Yorkers to take graffiti removal into their own hands by either calling in sites for clean-up or driving their own clean-up efforts. For more detailed information and commonly asked questions, visit the FAQ page.

Have the City do it for you...

The City's Graffiti Free NYC Program offers free graffiti removal to properties throughout the five boroughs. If you would like graffiti removed from your property, contact 311 or fill out a Forever Graffiti Free Form provided below. You can also check the status of your graffiti removal request by clicking the link "Check the Status of Your Graffiti Removal Request."

NOTE: The Graffiti Free NYC program will only remove graffiti from private property below the second story. Barring special circumstances, this does not include lampposts, sidewalks or signage.

Fill out a Forever Graffiti Free Form Online
Download a Forever Graffiti Free Form (in PDF)
Descargar Formulario Para Siempre Sin Grafiti (in PDF)
下載免費中文永久沒有塗鴉表格 (in PDF)
Check the Status of Your Graffiti Removal Request

Do it yourself...

The Mayor's Paint Program allows community-based and volunteer groups to plan and execute their own clean-up projects with supplies and paint provided by the Mayor's Office. Kits for the Mayor's Paint Program can be obtained from the Mayor's Community Affairs Unit by using the paint program application form below. Once a graffiti removal project is approved, an organization is permitted an allocation of up to 26 gallons of paint, 26 roller sleeves and 12 roller frames.

NOTE: Interested community-based organizations must submit a graffiti-removal waiver for the site in need of cleaning before requesting supplies. Also, supplies are limited and may be unavailable depending on the scale and/or timing of the removal project.

The Mayor's Paint Program Application Form (in PDF)
Formulario De Solicitud Para El Programa De Pintura Anti-Graffiti Del Alcalde (in PDF)

We look forward to receiving your application and appreciate your help in spreading the word about the Mayor's Paint Program with other neighborhood groups in your community.

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