Support Groups

Support groups can help you in many ways. Many people feel isolated in their role as caregiver and difficulty reaching out to others. At a support group, people like you share information, resources and moral support.

Meetings may be held evenings, during the day, once a week or twice a month at places such as schools, community centers, churches, senior centers, and more. Groups may be topic specific or general in nature. With so much available, you can certainly find a group that fits your schedule and your needs.

The following information explains some of the different types of groups available and can help you in choosing the right one for you. When you are ready, you can contact the Grandparent Resource Center to learn more about the types of groups offered in your community.

  • Educational groups – invite speakers to come and talk to you about various topics during the meetings. The goal is to provide information about dealing with specific caregiving needs or even specific benefits and entitlements programs. Some educational groups provide disease specific educational information.
  • Therapeutic groups – provide a confidential setting where you can speak about your feelings and thoughts without being judged. Therapeutic groups are more focused on providing emotional support for the participants by sharing stories and experiences with others who are in a similar situation.
  • Self-help groups – are led by a group member. Social workers or other mental health professionals are consulted as needed outside the group.
  • Counseling groups are facilitated by a mental health professional such as a social worker. Counseling groups are typically therapeutic in nature, but may also include an educational component.
  • Population-specific groups – are available for adult family members, spouses, daughters, person's with diagnosis of early stage disease, mixed groups and others.
  • Language-specific groups – are available and increasing in number to provide support to those in need.
  • Telephone interactive support groups – are held over the phone for caregivers who prefer the support from their own home. All telephone support groups are 50 minutes long. There are no toll charges and groups are topic specific.
  • For more information and to register for the telephone support group call 212-769-2850 the telephone Support group.