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Other Community-based Services - Housing Options

Most people prefer to remain in their own home as they age, but sometimes for personal safety and well-being, alternate living arrangements must be made. Following is a snapshot of the continuum of housing options available. It is important to note that there may be extensive waiting lists.

  • An Adult Home provides long-term residential care, room, board, housekeeping, personal care and supervision to five or more dependent adults. Three congregate meals are provided daily, as well as activity programs and planned outings.
  • Assisted Living provides a blend of residential and supportive services to individuals who may otherwise require nursing facility placement.
  • Enriched housing provides supportive services within community-integrated settings. The program offers room and board in an efficiency-type apartment, personal care, supervision and other non-medical services.
  • A Family-Type Home for Adults provides long-term residential care, room, board, housekeeping, personal care, and supervision for a maximum of four adults living in the home of a provider.
  • Mitchell-Lama Housing provides subsidized rental and cooperative apartments for middle-income New Yorkers. Limited transportation, social services, and leisure activities are available at certain developments.
  • Public Housing is designed for low and moderate income residents of New York City. Not specifically for the elderly, these independent, rent subsidized apartments with some social services available as needed.
  • Section 8 Housing is for individuals with very low income. At present, no new applications are being accepted unless the applicant is homeless, a victim of domestic violence or elder abuse, or a threatened witness to a capital crime.
  • Shared Housing is a program designed to provide housing for seniors who are seeking companionship, independence and reduced rents. Shared Housing can either be a "Match-up" Program or a Shared Living Residence.
  • Single Room Occupancy (SRO) offers single adults permanent housing consisting of a one-room unit, often with a shared bathroom and/or kitchen. Some SRO's provide supportive services for residents with special needs including mental illness, AIDS-related illnesses, or homelessness.
  • Supportive Housing residences are privately and publicly subsidized facilities that offer efficiency apartments. Each facility provides a variety of services including at least one daily communal meal.

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