When is it Time to Find Help?...At Home.

Even if there hasn't been a sudden hospitalization or other obvious change in the care receivers' level of functioning, you may have noticed some unusual differences in their living conditions or behavior.

The following can help you decide if it's time to involve your community resources.

  • Take a look around the house.
    • Are there unpaid bills piling up?
    • Is the house becoming cluttered?
    • Is food spoiling in the refrigerator?
    • Has the stove ever been turned on and left unattended?
  • Look closely at your family member.
    • Are they losing or gaining excessive amounts of weight?
    • Do they seem to need help with bathing, dressing, or grooming?
    • Does it seem that prescription medications are being finished too quickly or are not taken at all?
    • Have you noticed a decreased interest in reading, watching TV, or keeping in contact with friends?
    • Are they less interested in life in general?
    • Are there signs of extreme forgetfulness, confusion or disorientation? Do they lose their way to or from a destination?

These could be good indicators that all is not well, and some assistance is needed.