NYC Board of Correction
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The Board of Correction establishes and ensures compliance with minimum standards regulating conditions of confinement and correctional health and mental health care in all City correctional facilities. The Board monitors conditions in the City's jails, investigates serious incidents, evaluates the performance of the Department of Correction, reviews inmate and employee grievances, and makes recommendations in critical areas of correctional planning.

If you would like information about how to locate an inmate, get to Rikers Island, post bail, visit an inmate, send money to an inmate's account, schedule an attorney visit, deliver a package to an inmate, or schedule pick-up of inmate property, contact the Department of Correction at 718-546-1500 or

The Board of Correction has jurisdiction over the New York City jails. Its jurisdiction does not include the New York State prison system. Information regarding the NYS prison system may be obtained by contacting the offices listed to the right.


May 24, 2016 -- The Board has received a variance request from the Department of Correction.  The letter requests an extension of the date by which the Department shall exclude inmates ages 18-21 from punitive segregation.

The Board has scheduled a special meeting to consider this request.  The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 26 at 10:30 AM in Room 2209 of the Municipal Building (22nd Floor).  The Municipal Building is located at 1 Centre Street, New York, NY 10007.  The meeting's agenda will include public comment, a presentation and discussion of the variance request, and a vote on the variance request (DRAFT record of variance action). 


The Board is seeking a Deputy Executive Director of Monitoring and a Deputy Executive Director of Research to join its senior leadership team. Additionally, the Board is seeking an IT Associate to join our research team and a Program Associate and four Standards Specialists (Monitors) to join our monitoring team. Please check our Job Opportunities page for postings.

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