Community Board No. 4, Brooklyn, New York City

What is the New York City Healthy Bodegas Initiative?

The New York City Health Department launched its Healthy Bodegas Initiative in 2006.  The goal: to boost the availability of and demand for healthy foods in New York City neighborhoods with the highest rates of poverty and chronic disease. 

The Healthy Bodegas Initiative works with bodegas (small corner stores) in the community to stock and promote more healthful foods.  It also works with community organizations and area residents to raise nutritional awareness and promote the purchase of healthier foods.   

The Adopt-A-Bodega Initiative Program will help the local bodega to carry healthier foods in their stores such as, leafy green vegetables, fresh fruits, low-fat milk, etc. 

The initiative focuses on bodegas that:

  • Are close to schools, Women, Infant and Children (WIC) centers, day care centers and other community sites
  • Show interest in working with the initiative

Participating stores agree to:

  • Stock and sell a variety of wholesome foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain products and low-fat and fat-free milk
  • Display nutritious foods prominently in their store
  • Label and promote healthful items

If you know of a bodega that is interested in the program, please visit or email

Bodegas in the Bushwick Community that have shown interest in joining the Adopt-A-Bodega Program:

  1. Linden & Wilson Deli, Located at 338 Wilson Avenue
  2. Geramarte Grocery Deli, Located at 313 Wilson Avenue
  3. Dominguez Grocery, Located at 1004 Flushing Avenue 

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