The New York City Charter provides community boards with several opportunities to participate in the formulation of the City's budget. The principal opportunities are through yearly agency consultations and the annual preparation of a series of documents.

Budget Consultations
The City Charter gives community boards two opportunities each year to meet with City agencies to discuss policy and programs and the needs of the community district. Boards may meet for district consultations with local agency representatives in the spring. The district consultations may help with the development of the statement of district needs (described below), questions for the borough consultations in the fall, and budget requests (also below). The borough consultations give community boards the chance to discuss budget concerns and agency policies and constraints with senior agency officials.

Statement of Community District Needs
The first document prepared annually is a narrative profile of the community district and an assessment of its needs and concerns. The statement also recommends programs, projects or other solutions.

Since the statement of district needs is submitted to the Department of City Planning in August, when the community board is usually on recess, Community Board 2 drafts the document during the spring for adoption at the June general meeting.

Read the Fiscal Year 2012 Statement of Community District Needs (Word)

Register of Community Board Budget Requests
Based on its statement of district needs, the community board prepares a list of budget priorities. The board may submit up to 40 capital budget and 25 expense budget requests. The capital budget funds physical improvements to infrastructure and publicly-owned facilities, and major equipment purchases having a useful life of more than five years or costing more than $35,000. The expense budget pays for personnel, minor equipment and materials, and any expense budgeted for on a year-to-year basis.

Community Board 2 holds a hearing in September to receive public comment on budget priorities. Each committee also considers the matter that month. (Consideration by the Youth, Education and Cultural Affairs Committee may take place in June.) The Executive Committee consolidates the public and committee comments for board approval at the October general meeting and submission to the Office of Management and Budget later that month.

Read the Fiscal Year 2011 Register of Community Board 2 Budget Requests (PDF)

Statement on the Preliminary Budget
In mid- to late-January of each year the mayor releases the Preliminary Budget. Community boards are given 30 days to evaluate the responsiveness of the Preliminary Budget to the budget requests submitted three months earlier. The statement may react to any aspect of the budget, including the Departmental Estimates (agency operating budgets) and the Program to Eliminate the [budget] Gap (PEG).

Community Board 2 schedules a public hearing and reviews the preliminary budget in committee as the January release date and 30-day deadline permits.

Read the Fiscal Year 2011 Statement on the Preliminary Budget (Word)