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Community District 2 parks and open space map

According to Recreation and Open Space in New York City, prepared by the Department of City Planning, there are 106.5 acres of parkland in Community District 2. This represents 5.7 percent of the 1864.1 acre total land area. The document, which has not been updated in over a decade, calculated that the community district had 1.13 acres for every 1,000 residents, less than half the 2.50 acre goal of City Planning.

Since the agency's analysis, the United States Census Bureau's 2008 American Community Survey estimates the district population has grown by 20 percent. No public parks were added during that period. The partially completed Brooklyn Bridge Park will eventually increase the amount of parkland in Community District 2 by 85 acres, or 80 percent. However, the park is on the edge of the district and while certainly an asset locally, it will be a regional destination shared by visitors from all over the city and beyond.

At 30 acres, Fort Greene Park is the 22nd largest park in Brooklyn and the flagship park of Community District 2. The park is the site of the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument, the memorial to and final resting place of 11,500 Revolutionary War prisoners. Commodore Barry Park is the 34th largest park in the borough and the larger of only two parks in the district with playing fields. A considerable amount of the parks department property in the community district is designed for passive recreation. The city-owned parks in Community District 2 are listed below with links to individual Websites providing the location, facilities available and varying amounts of additional information.
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Brooklyn Bridge Park (Partially complete; not mapped parkland.)
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Parks and Playgrounds
Bridge Park 2
Bridge Park 3
Classon (PS 270) Playground (also known as DeKalb Playground)
Commodore Barry Park
Crispus Attucks Playground
Cuyler Gore Park
Edmunds (JHS 294) Playground
Fort Greene Park
Golconda Playground (includes PS 287 Playground)
Greene (PS 11) Playground
Harry Chapin Playground
Hillside Park
JHS 265 Playground, see Oxport Playground
JHS 294 Playground, see Edmunds Playground
McLaughlin Park
North Pacific Playground
Oracle (PS 46) Playground (formerly known as Edward C. Blum Playground)
Oxport (JHS 265) Playground
Palmetto Playground
[Albert Lysander] Parham Playground
Squibb Park
Pierrepont Playground
Pratt Playground
PS 11 Playground, see Greene Playground
PS 46 Playground, see Oracle Playground
PS 270 Playground, see Classon Playground
Sixteen Sycamores Playground
South Oxford Park
Steuben Playground
Underwood Park
Washington-Hall Park

Plazas and Triangles
Brooklyn Heights Promenade
Cadman Plaza Park and the Brooklyn War Memorial
Columbus Park
Fort Stirling Sitting Area
Gateway Triangle
Korean War Veterans Plaza
[J.W.] Person Square
[Long Island] University Plaza
Trinity Park
Walt Whitman Park

Brooklyn Academy of Music
Brooklyn Bears Rockwell Place Garden
Brooklyn Bears Carlton Avenue Garden

Highway Embankments
[Brooklyn Bridge] Anchorage Plaza
Arbor Place
Bar & Grill Park Strip
Bridge Park 1
Clumber Corner