Boerum Hill Rezoning

The Department of City Planning (DCP) certified an application to rezone approximately 31 blocks of Boerum Hill. Community Board 2 has scheduled a public hearing on the application for April 20, 2011.
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The initiative was undertaken at the request of Community Board 2, on behalf of the Boerum Hill Association. After much of Carroll Gardens was rezoned nearby with a "contextual" zoning designation, the neighborhood group realized Boerum Hill was the only rowhouse neighborhood in the area to not have similar building height restrictions. The community board voted unanimously on November 10, 2009 to request DCP undertake a study with the goal of rezoning the neighborhood with a contextual designation.
Read the Boerum Hill Association's original presentation (PPT)

The rezoning area includes all or parts of the blocks bounded by Atlantic Avenue to the north, Fourth Avenue to the east, Warren and Wyckoff streets to the south, and Court Street to the west. The areas proposed to be rezoned are currently zoned R6 and R7B. The current R6 zoning permits construction of "tower apartment buildings" and has resulted in buildings that are inconsistent with the typical character of the Boerum Hill neighborhood. The R7B zoning is mapped in some areas where it would allow development larger that the existing rowhouse character.

The proposal would rezone the area from the existing R6 and R7B districts to R6B, R6A, and R7A "contextual zoning districts." The proposal would also refine commercial overlays on many of the thoroughfares to more closely tailor them to the existing distribution of mixed uses, bring existing establishments into conformance, and preventing the encroachment of commercial uses onto residential mid-blocks.
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