Parks and Recreation

C.B. 13’s central areas are among the most used recreational zones in the City, with its elongated beach, its beloved Boardwalk, its parks, its soccer-baseball-football fields, its famed handball courts, and its rejuvenation of its grassland areas e.g. Kaiser Park, Asser Levy Park, Calvert Vaux Park, and many smaller centers for fun. Here, the Committee keeps an eye on the modernization of the amusement sector, as well as the monitoring of its heritage. Here, the Committee must deal with the heralded cultural past of the area, a situation that has diminished significantly over the last century. Here, the group works with leaders of the community and its legislators on plans for special athletic and unique special attractions throughout the year. C.B. 13 remains bracing for more of a year-round magnetic draw for millions, and its parks, Pier, water events, beach attractions, performances and concerts are scrutinized for the best effects, the finest achievements, and the safest methods of production.