Land Use (Zoning, Landmarks, and Planning)

After decades of lack of considerable growth, the neighborhoods of C.B. 13 have changed and are the focus of expansion and 21st century expansion. The Committee must study those elements that are planned for this extraordinary period. How should the land creatively be used for the benefit of residents, merchants and visitors? What should be done with the latest plans for a wide swatch of plans, from an amphitheater to parking area needs, from the lack of enough centers for youth activities, for senior development, for moviegoers, for sports enthusiasts? How do we use our space in the most advantageous manners, in ways that underscore the needs and dreams of the long-time residents, the old and new mercantile enterprises, the private and city-owned lots, and the many other aspects that make C.B. 13 living a ‘plus’ for the new age. The Committee takes the lead in City land use and zoning variance issues, thus keeping an ongoing pulse of the neighborhoods.