Licensing Regulations and Requirements

Carting licensees and registrants must read and know the agency's rules and regulations governing trade waste removal businesses.  To read the rules and regulations, please click here:

A licensee or registrant who fails to comply with the agency's rules and regulations may be subject to administrative action including fines and penalties and/or suspension or revocation of the license or registration.  Unlicensed or unregistered trade waste removal activity can result in arrest and vehicle confiscation as well as administrative action.

 A licensee or registrant must adhere to reporting requirements that include, but are not limited to:

  • Notification of Material Changes, Arrests, and Convictions:
    • Licensees and registrants must notify BIC in writing within ten (10) calendar days of any material changes in the original application, and of an arrest or conviction of any principal or employee.
    • "Material change" is any information provided in response to an item identified by an asterisk on an application or disclosure form submitted to BIC.


  • Notification of Change in Ownership in the Business or Proposed Addition of New Principal:
    • Licensees must notify BIC in writing within ten (10) business days of any change in the ownership in the business of the licensee or the proposed addition of a new principal.
    •  The addition of a proposed new principal is subject to approval by BIC, and the proposed new principal must undergo a background investigation. 


  • Acquisition, Sale, or Merger:
    • Before acquiring, selling, or merging with another trade waste removal, collection, or disposal business, a licensee must submit a sale application for review by BIC at least thirty (30) days in advance of when such transaction is to take effect.
  • Subcontracting and Assignment of Contracts:
    • Before subcontracting out waste removal services or assignment of contracts or similar arrangements, a licensee must obtain approval from BIC. The licensee shall submit the request for approval in writing to BIC.

Here is the subcontracting application 

  • Licensees are required to submit certain reports:
    • Annual Financial Statements - Licensees must submit annual financial statements.
    • Customer Registers - Licensees must maintain a complete and accurate list of all customers served and submit this list, called the Customer Register, to BIC. The Customer Register must be submitted as a Microsoft Access database file or a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Click here for the Customer Register filing dates

The full text of BIC's rules are available at Title 17, Chapter 1 of the Rules of the City of New York.