Licensee Customer Register

Licensees* must maintain a Customer Register that contains, among other things, a complete and accurate list of all customers served. The Customer Register should be filed with BIC on the first business day of every month.

The BIC Online Portal (BIC-OP) will allow you to login at any time to easily and efficiently update the required Customer Register information for your business.

When your account is created, you will receive an email similar to the one below (click to see a higher-res version), to advise you to establish a password, which will then allow you to gain access to your BIC-OP account.

The link to access the portal is: . Please bookmark this to have ready access to the portal.

New: BIC Online Portal FAQ

To help you understand BIC-OP, we have created online tutorial videos that describe the steps to login, to add or change customer information, to certify and file your customer register, and to request an exemption from filing a Customer Register. Below are the links to each video. You can also access these videos at BIC's YouTube Channel, .

Video 1: Logging in

Video 2: Business Integrity Commission Online Portal Overview

Video 3: Adding or Changing Customer Information in the Business Integrity Commission Online Portal

Video 4: Certifying and Filing Your Customer Register

Video 5: Advanced Techniques

If you have any questions regarding BIC-OP, please email:  Your request will be responded to within one business day. 

Please be reminded that you must have a valid, active email address on record with BIC at all times. 

*A business that collects, removes, or disposes of trade waste from commercial establishments must first obtain a license from BIC before engaging in such business or activity. Upon grant of a license, the business is legally permitted to collect, remove, and dispose of all types of waste.