Licensee Customer Register

Licensees* must maintain a Customer Register that contains a complete and accurate list of all customers served and submit this to BIC. Registers are submitted twice a year.


NOTE: The Customer Register for the period June 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015 is not required to be submitted. For more, see here:  Notice Regarding Non-Submission for 12-2015 period.


The Customer Register must be submitted as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Trade Waste Customer Register Submission Due Dates

Covered Period:                                Submission Deadline:
January 1 through June 30                  July 31
July 1 through December 31               January 30


Trade Waste Licensee Commission Directive

Below you will find a zip file with the customer register files and training presentations for grease customers and all other carters, including putrescible and recyclables. If you collect both grease and putrescible/recyclable waste, you must submit both customer registers.
Customer Register Files

Here is the customer register certification form that must be submitted with each customer register:
Customer Register Certification File


*A business that collects, removes, or disposes of trade waste from commercial establishments must first obtain a license from BIC before engaging in such business or activity. Upon grant of a license, the business is legally permitted to collect, remove, and dispose of all types of waste.