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Overview           Family Home Care

Family Home Care is an ACS program that provides child care and household management services to families who need help providing a safe, nurturing environment for their children. Through training and support, homecare service providers help families to manage their household independently.

What kinds of services are provided through Family Home Care?

The two main services offered are Homemaking and Home Attendant Services. Homemaking services include training and support to families in child care and household management (i.e. light cleaning, meal preparation, and grocery shopping). Home Attendants provide personal care to individuals, including grooming, dressing, or other necessary daily activities.

How do I qualify for Home Care Services?

You may be eligible for Family Home Care if:

  • you are too ill to care for your child,
  • you are overwhelmed by caring for one ill member of the household and unable to properly care for your children,
  • you or your child need help with everyday activities,
  • you will be temporarily out of the home for an emergency (such as hospitalization), with no one to care for your family,
  • you need training in basic child and home management skills to prevent abuse and neglect.

What is Home Care NOT to be used for?

Home Care is a service that provides temporary help to families in crisis. It is:

  • NOT a babysitting service. If you need temporary child care, other resources such as friends, relatives, or respite care should be used.
  • NOT a permanent housekeeping service.

Home Care Services are a crisis intervention when you are unable to care for your family's basic needs. They are training services to help you learn how to manage your household more effectively, not to manage your responsibilities.

How can I apply for Home Care Services?

Your physician must sign a Medical Request for Home Care Services, verifying that you or your child are medically eligible for these services. The doctor then forwards the application to the ACS Family Home Care Intake Division. Once they receive the application, Family Home Care will forward the request to your local field office, who will contact you about visiting your home to determine your needs.

Note: If you or your child has AIDS or is HIV+, the request for Home Care should be forwarded directly to the Division of AIDS Services (DAS). For more information, please call DAS at (212) 971-0626.

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