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Press Release
September 28, 2010

NYC Administration for Children's Services Makes Award Recommendations to Child Welfare Agencies

New York – Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) recently released contract award recommendations to nonprofit child welfare agencies to provide foster care and preventive services to children and families throughout New York City.  The award recommendations are based on a re-evaluation and re-scoring of the proposals from this past spring that honors the exact language in the RFP regarding the evaluation process.  ACS worked to ensure a fair and equitable treatment for all proposers. Residential Care award recommendations, as well as some types of citywide preventive services, were not included in the re-scoring and re-evaluation and are unchanged from the earlier announcement. Read the lists of recommended awards

As a result of the RFP process, Children’s Services will have a total of 66 child welfare providers; 28 family foster care providers; 58 preventive service providers; and 20 residential care providers.  The new contracts for Family Foster Care and Preventive Services will begin on July 1, 2011, while Residential Care contracts will begin on April 1, 2011. 

Children's Services' new contracts will advance critical child welfare goals and reinforce the core principles of Improved Outcomes for Children and the One Year Home campaign.  The new foster care and preventive services contracts create a continuum of programs and a network of child welfare providers that will:

  • Introduce new services and specializations, including programs for children who have developmental disabilities, who have been sexually exploited, and who exhibit sexually abusive behavior.
  • Add new mobile crisis response teams to provide families in crisis with in-home clinical and social work supports.
  • Generate practice models which help families and children achieve positive outcomes through time-limited, focused interventions that utilize our collective skills, opportunities and resources to make our work with families and children as effective and short-term as it can be.
  • Ensure that services that are community-based belong to the neighborhood networks where children and families live, and operate with sensitivity to families’ culture and language.

In July, ACS acknowledged a problem in which the actual scoring of the proposals was not consistent with what the RFP stated, and as a result ACS was going to re-evaluate and re-score proposals with a new rating tool that precisely matched the RFP description on how proposals would be scored.  The new evaluation tool - developed in partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services - grouped all program and community/borough connections questions into one single set of rating items.  This revised evaluation tool still reflected what the RFP described as the 20% weight given to relevant experience, 40% to organizational capacity and 40% to proposed approach.  But those sections now included community/borough connections questions as well as program questions.  Within this one evaluation tool program questions represent 70% of the total final score, and community/borough connections questions inclusively represent 30%.

Between now and July 1st, Children’s Services will prepare for the new program models, work with current and new providers to launch new programs, and adjust the size of current programs where necessary prior to the start of new contracts.  This work will be discussed with providers in individual contract awards meetings and group sessions on specific program models, and will be supported by Children’s Services through a range of technical assistance and program development resources and activities.

Lists of recommended awards (in PDF)


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