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Press Release

September 27th, 2002

$1 Million in Grants Awarded to Child and Family-Focused Community Organizations Affected by September 11

Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) Commissioner William C. Bell and New Yorkers For Children (NYFC) President and New York City Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta today announced the award of more than $1 million in support for ACS and 21 community-based organizations across New York City that were affected by the tragedy of September 11.

Children and families that are engaged with ACS, as well as others across the City, will greatly benefit from this $1 million grant. It is public/private collaborations such as these that enable ACS to better protect children and strengthen families across New York City, said Commissioner Bell. ACS is extremely grateful for the generosity of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Freddie Mac Foundation, the With Arms Wide Open Foundation and the individual donors who made this project possible.

Following the events of September 11, many people reached out to ACS to offer assistance to the agency and specifically to children who may have entered the foster care system as a result of the tragedy. Although many children lost a parent or loved ones as a result of September 11, no children entered the foster care system in New York City as a direct result of the attacks.

With this knowledge in mind, ACS and NYFC determined the best use of funds such as these wouldbe to support community-based organizations that serve families and children in all neighborhoods across the City. The grant, called the New York City Family Fund, is administered through New Yorkers for Children, the non-profit organization that was created to support ACS’s efforts by securing private resources and funding. The grant not only serves families directly affected by the September 11 tragedy but also families who are experiencing job loss or displacement as well as children at risk of traumatic response as a result of the attacks.

Through this grant, ACS and New Yorkers For Children are able to support projects that help families and children in under-served communities cope in the aftermath of the attacks, said Commissioner Scoppetta. Many organizations receiving funds from this grant stated that in the year afterSeptember 11, it was more difficult for them to receive funding. This grant will allow us to help communities that are struggling to maintain or create new programs in a post-September 11 climate.

ACS and 21 community-based organizations will benefit from the grant. There is great variety among the specific projects. For example, ACS will use a portion of the grant to further support the ACS Family Preservation Program, an intensive assistance program that offers families support in their own home and aims to avoid placing children in foster care. The Coalition for Asian American Children and Families will provide community mental health services and events for families affected by the September 11 tragedy in the Chinatown neighborhood. A list of organizations offering services as part of the grant and a brief description of their programs is attached.

All of the organizations chosen to receive funds are closely linked to their communities and are committed to serving those neighborhoods on a long term basis, which is also a key objective of ACS's neighborhood networks. There are ACS neighborhood networks representing all 59 community districts across New York City. Three of the networks received NYC Family Funds. These networks are led by ACS and serve as forums where social service providers can share resources, ideas, information, referrals, as well as engage in joint planning, coordination, training and advocacy - all from a children's services point of view.

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