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Children Missing From Foster Care Placement

The Children Missing From Foster Care Placement policy dated November 1, 2007 has been revised to reflect changes in ACS’ practice concerning any missing child in the legal custody of ACS on a child protective, Person in Need of Supervision (PINS), Termination of Parental Rights (TPR), voluntary placement, or destitute child case.  Specifically, the new policy articulates a change in ACS’ expectations and practice regarding warrant requests for missing children.   The new policy ensures that all appropriate actions are taken to locate a missing child or youth.  ACS acknowledges that, in practice, the execution of a warrant can have unintended negative consequences to the child or youth that is absent from care.  As such, pursuant to the new policy, ACS will be seeking warrants only when specific special factors are present which render a warrant necessary to ensure the safety of the missing child or youth.  Additionally, the new policy clarifies the notification procedure regarding missing foster children. 

This revised policy is being submitted for a 30-day review period.  We value your feedback and welcome your comments via e-mail to no later than April 22, 2015.  Following a review of the submitted comments, this policy will be re-issued as final and the case practice expectations and requirements articulated within will become effective. 

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