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Mandated Reporters

Please note change in mandated reporter law. Click here for details (in PDF)

 Click here to download the Flyer in PDF format
 Please feel free to print out this color flyer for Mandated Reporters and post as many copies as you like in your place of work. Also, you are welcome to email this attachment to any school, hospital, law enforcement facility, mental health clinic, etc. where mandated reporters are employed.

Who is a mandated reporter?

Certain professionals are required by law to report suspected child abuse or maltreatment to the New York State Central Register (SCR) of Child Abuse and Maltreatment, also known as the Child Abuse Hotline. The law also assigns civil and criminal liability to those professionals who do not comply with their mandated reporter abilities.

Mandated reporters are required to report suspected child abuse or maltreatment – or cause a report to be made – when, in their professional roles, they are presented with reasonable cause to suspect abuse or maltreatment.

Of course, anyone can report any suspected abuse or maltreatment at any time, and is encouraged to do so.

Reasonable cause to suspect child abuse or maltreatment means that, based on your observations, professional training and experience, you feel the parent or person legally responsible for a child has harmed that child or placed that child in imminent danger or harm.
These professionals include:


  • Physician
  • Surgeon
  • Dentist
  • Dental hygienist
  • Chiropractor
  • Podiatrist
  • Medical examiner
  • Coroner
  • Osteopath
  • Optometrist
  • Resident
  • Intern
  • Registered Nurse
  • Registered Physicians Assistant
  • Emergency Medical Technician Psychologist 
  • Mental Health Professional
  • Substance Abuse Counselor
  • Alcoholism Counselor
    Provider of Family or Group
  • Family Day Care
  • Peace Officer
  • Any other law enforcement official
  • District attorney or Assistant District Attorney
  • Police Officer
  • Investigator employed in the Office of the District Attorney
  • School official
  • Social services worker
  • Christian Science practitioner
  • Hospital personnel engaged in the admission, examination, care or treatment of persons
  • Any employee or volunteer in a residential care facility for children
  • Any child care worker
  • Any foster care worker
  • School teachers, guidance counselors, school nurses and school social workers
  • Any employee of residential and non-residential domestic violence programs


How do you report suspected abuse or neglect of a child?

Click here to download the investigation process in PDF format As soon as you suspect abuse or maltreatment you must report your concerns by telephone to the SCR. The SCR is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to receive your call.

Mandated Reporter Hotline: 1-800-635-1522
Public Hotline: 1-800-342-3720

Oral reports must be followed within 48 hours by a written report to the local CPS (for more information on this process, click here ).  A copy of the current Mandated Reporter Form (LDSS Form 2221A) can be downloaded here (Word format)

The importance of mandated reporters in the reporting of child abuse and neglect
Mandated reporters  play a crucial role in keeping children safe and helping families access important resources. Mandated reporters often come into frequent contact with children at risk, and families in crisis, and have an early opportunity to help them get the intervention, support or services they need to stay safe.  

It’s important to remember that not every report results in the removal of a child from his or her home. Only those children who cannot remain safely at home are placed in foster care. Many families receive services that help children remain safely in the home and their parents or caregivers get the help that they need.

Mandated reporters more consistently report abuse and neglect than those in the general population, and their allegations are confirmed at a rate twice that of non mandated reporters.

Your report will remain confidential
The Social Services Law provides confidentiality for mandated reporters and all sources of child abuse and maltreatment reports. ACS is not permitted to release to the subject of the report any data that would identify the source of a report unless the subject has given written permission to do so. Information regarding the report may be shared with court officials, police and district attorneys, but only in certain circumstances.

Penalties for failure to report
Anyone who is mandated to report suspected child abuse or maltreatment – and fails to do so – could be changed with a Class A misdemeanor and subject to criminal penalties. Further, mandated reporters can be sued in a civil court for monetary damages for any harm caused by the mandated reporter’s failure to make a report to the SCR.

Immunity from liability
If a mandated reporter makes a report with earnest concern for the welfare of a child, he or she is immune from any criminal or civil liability that might result. However, this good faith immunity is not available where the liability results from willful misconduct or gross negligence by the reporter. Malicious and false reporting to the SCR is against the law.

Other resources and more information
Visit the New York State Office of Children and Family Services website to learn more about mandated reporters at


Contact Information for Mandated Reporters

Within 48 hours of making a report to the State Central Registry, Mandated Reporters must send the completed 2221A to the field office in the borough where the subjects of the report reside. After making a report, the reporter should be contacted by a Child Protective Specialist within this timeframe who can provide mailing information for the local field office where the completed 2221A should be sent. This document can be mailed to the attention of the assigned Child Protective Specialist or hand delivered if there is a face-to-face interview completed within the first week of the investigation.

If you are a mandated reporter and you have called in an SCR report and submitted the 2221A but have not had any contact from NYC Children’s Services, please call the appropriate field office to obtain contact information for the Child Protective Specialist assigned to the case:

Attn: Deputy Director for Admin
NYC Administration for Children’s Services
345 Adams Street, 9th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Attn: Deputy Director for Admin 
NYC Administration for Children’s Services
165-15 Archer Avenue, 3rd Floor
Queens, NY 11433

Attn: Deputy Director for Admin 
NYC Administration for Children’s Services
2501 Grand Concourse, 5th Floor
Bronx, NY 10468

Attn: Deputy Director for Admin
NYC Administration for Children’s Services
55 West 125th Street,
New York, NY 10027

Staten Island
Attn: Deputy Director for Admin
NYC Administration for Children’s Services
350 St. Marks Place
Staten Island, NY 10301



Child Safety Coordinators at the City Hospitals

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