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The NYC ACS Division of Early Care and Education (ECE) supports continuous quality improvements through the annual self-assessment process.

As you know, SA2015 has begun and completed packets are due on April 24, 2015 via email to your Team Leader. Please keep in mind that on-time submission of your completed self-assessment packet is considered as part of your VENDEX score.  All required Appendices, the NYC Program Quality Assessment Scale, and Self-Assessment Orientation PowerPoint are attached.  Below is a summary of the tools and training events for SA2015:


The NYC ACS Self-Assessment Guidance & Checklist: This checklist provides guidance about the self-assessment process.

1) Environmental Rating Scales-Revised (ERS-R) - FCCRS-R, ECERS-R, and ITERS-R: These scores contribute to your VENDEX Rating. When available, please include scores that have been provided for you by the Department of Education in 2014-2015.

2) NYC Program Quality Assessment Scale (NYC-PQAS): The overall PQAS score should be submitted for the agency’s center-based programs, and, if applicable, a separate PQAS is submitted for the Family Child Care Network. These scores contribute to your VENDEX Rating.

3) Classroom Assessment Scoring Scale (CLASS): Scores in the 3 CLASS domains are to be submitted for two UPK classrooms per site (if you have two UPK classrooms) where the evaluation was conducted by an evaluator who has been certified as reliable by Teachstone.When available, please include scores that have been provided for you by the Department of Education for 2014-2015.

All 3 Evaluative Tools are to be used for SA2015. The ERS-R and CLASS tools are to be purchased by EarlyLearn programs. NYC-PQAS & the Guidance & Checklist are attached to this email and will also be available from your Team Leader.


Self-Assessment Orientations and other trainings on the ITERS, FCCERS, ECERS and NYC-PQAS began March 3rd through 10th.  If you have additional training needs, please contact your Team Leader.   

CLASS trainings must be conducted by Teachstone Certified Trainers and evaluations conducted by Teachstone Certified Reliable evaluators.  If you do not have a CLASS reliable observer on your staff you may contact consultant, Alex Atkin (; 917-232-2076), who is available to conduct CLASS assessments. Teachstone also provides a CLASS Observer Directory that can be used to identify CLASS reliable observers in the area. You may use the following link to sign up for the directory CLASS Observer Directory ( 
If you have any questions, please contact your assigned Team Leader.


ACS Contact Information

EarlyLearn Eligibility and Enrollment

EarlyLearn Program Development & Management

For Voucher Providers and Other Programs

Special Needs Application Referral and Instructions

ACS Contact Information

  • For programmatic and general questions, contact your assigned PDU Team Leader- click here.
  • For eligibility and enrollment questions, contact your assigned Resource Area Director (link below).
  • For fiscal questions, contact your assigned Budget Analyst- click here.


EarlyLearn Eligibility and Enrollment


Resource Areas

Please click the on the following links for contact person at the Resource Areas


      Brooklyn & Staten Island



      Click here for current Resource Area (RA) Directory

Eligibility and Enrollment Manual

Click here for August - September 2012 training manual

Eligibility Application Packets

The following documents and forms are used when determining a family’s eligibility for EarlyLearn.  For specific questions on any form, please contact your Resource Area (RA).  Their contact information can be found in the RA Directory.

Click here for Application Checklist

Click here for Notice of Eligibility and Day Care Service and Fee Agreement (ACD 1513)

Click here for Referral to Employer for Employee Income Information (CS 1069)

Click here for Vocational Training Verification (CS 1082)

Click here for ACS History Sheet  (W-25)

Instructions for Completing Your Application for Child Care Subsidy (CS 925A) Click here

Web-Based Enrollment System (WES)

Below if the link to the Web-based Enrollment System (WES).  Simply click on this link to bring you to the sign-in page: https:\\

EarlyLearn Program Development & Management


Program Information Report 2013-2014

The Program Information Report (PIR) is an annual federal report that collects program level data describing children and families enrolled in Head Start and the services provided, including information on staff, characteristics of enrolled children and families, health services (medical, dental, mental health), services to children with disabilities, and family services. Click here.


ACS Head Start Community Assessment 2013

The Community Assessment is a comprehensive report of the needs and services in New York City that impact the ACS Head Start program, its delegate agencies, families and children, as well as service capacity and access. The findings from the Community Assessment highlight the many complex challenges faced by Head Start programs and families in New York City, and identify communities with risks to child well-being.

While conducting a Community Assessment is a requirement for Head Start programs, the information contained is useful for the entire EarlyLearn community.


Additional Head Start Information

1.  DOHMH - Children in Early Childhood Programs (info for parents and physicians)

2.  Citywide Immunization Registry

3.  DOHMH - Resource List for Group Child Care (revised March 2014)

4a. DOHMH - Disease Reporting Requirements (July 2012 letter)

4b. DOHMH - Communicable Disease Chart

5.  Required Staff Training & Certifications - Resources List (April 2014)

6.  Cleaning, Sanitizing & Disinfecting

7.  Daily Health & Safety Checklist


NYC School Readiness Goals

EarlyLearnNYC seeks to elevate the quality of early care and education throughout the City of New York by evidencing the concept of research in daily practice. In partnership with the NYC Department of Education, ACS has crafted the NYC School Readiness Goals for the 2012-2013 School Year. The NYC School Readiness Goals were developed against the backdrop of the Parent and Family Engagement Framework; The Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework; Framework for Programs Serving Infants and Toddlers and Their Families; NYS PreKindergarten Foundation for the Common Core; NYC DOE Quality Review Rubric and results of our analysis of this year’s child outcomes data.

Please click on the links below for:

ACS & DOE Behavior Management Statement --- Click here for guidance on behavior management


Field Trip Administrative Advisory

ACS encourages programs to provide opportunities to enrich and expand children's experiences through developmentally appropriate neighborhood walks and field trips. All trips require written parental consent and should be planned to ensure the health, safety and adequate supervision of all children at all times. The following guidelines are intended to help center-based Child Care and Head Start programs in developing and implementing their trip policies and Lost Child Protocol.


For Voucher Providers and Other Programs


New York State Market Rate

New York State Office of Children and Family Services established the maximum rates for New York City Child Care.  Rate increases may be requested once a year and must be justified with documentation.  The request and documentation process requires the submission of a completed application.  Please use the appropriate instructions and application, based on the type of program/provider, by clicking on the link below:


Legally-Exempt/Informal Child Care Provider Enrollment

New York State regulations require all legally-exempt child care providers (also known as informal providers) who provide child care services for a child residing in New York City to be approved, enrolled, and monitored by the Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation (WHEDco), New York City’s Legally-Exempt Enrollment Agency. Learn more and get the required forms


Special Child Care Funding Application Instructions and Program/Provider Forms for Parents and Providers

For parents who received the Special Child Care Funding Letter (Notice# SCCF-1), please click on the links below to access the SCCF application instructions and a list of all required documents that must be completed with your child care service program/provider.

In order to obtain the Special Child Care Funding (SCCF), you are required to fill out both parts of the Special Child Care Funding Application that you received with the SCCF-1 letter and submit the completed application to the Special Child Care Funding Unit along with all of the necessary supporting documents. Please ensure you have provided your signature on Part I: Family Information Form of the SCCF Application.

Applications will take 3 to 4 weeks to process. All families will be notified by mail of ACS’s eligibility decision.



Parent Documents

For two parent households, documents must be submitted for each parent.

1. Employment Verification 2. Educational/ Vocational Training

Provider/PROGRAM Documents

Below, you will find a list of documents that you must complete with your child care provider/program.  These documents, along with your application form, should be submitted via mail to ACS Division of Early Care and Education 66 John Street, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10038 Attn: Special Child Care Funding Unit or scanned and emailed to  If you wish to have any of the documents listed below mailed or emailed to you, please contact ACS Division of Early Care and Education by calling (212) 835-7610 (option 3) or send an email request to

Providers Currently Serving Subsidized Children (providers approved by ACS)

  • Indicate ACS Provider (six-digit) OR Program (seven-digit) number on the SCCF Application

Licensed Center-Based Providers Not Currently Serving ACS Subsidized Children

Registered/Licensed Home-Based Family Child Care and Group Family Child Care Providers Not Currently ACS Serving Subsidized Children

  • IRS Form W-9
  • Copy of NYS OCFS Registration/ Permit
  • Copy of signed Social Security card or IRS letter indicating Tax/Employer Identification Number (TIN/EIN)

Informal Care (family, friend or trusted neighbor) and Legally-Exempt Providers (providers exempt from a license) Not Currently Serving ACS Subsidized Children

If a provider cannot verify their own residence, the owner or co-tenant of the residence must submit a notarized letter approving the use of their residence for such care. Notarized letter should accompany documentation listed above to verify the residence of the property owner or co-tenant.

If care is taking place at a location other than the home of the child or the provider, the owner or tenant of the residence where care is taking place must submit a notarized letter approving the use of their residence for such care. Notarized letter should accompany documentation listed above to verify the residence of the property owner or tenant of the residence where care is taking place.

Legally-Exempt Group Child Care Programs (including school based programs exempt from a license) Not Currently Serving ACS Subsidized Children

Special Needs Application Referral and Instructions

  • Child care providers are entitled to a reimbursement rate once they demonstrate special child care services related to the appropriate care of the child and demonstrate increased costs as a result of the child care. To request the special needs rate, providers should complete each section of the ECE-001 and submit along with current documentation of disability and/or expenses related to care.

Special Needs Application Form and Instructions (ECE-001)