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Office of Advocacy
Brochures and Handbooks for ACS clients

To request any of these documents by mail or in bulk please call: 212-676-9421

Other documents are available at the Adoption and Foster Care 
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Office of Advocacy

Office of Advocacy

General introduction to the Office of Advocacy services

  Download pamphlet (PDF format, 2 pages, 600k)

  Download pamphlet in Spanish (PDF format, 2 pages, 115k)

Parent Handbook

Parent Handbook

Many parents have common questions and concerns about foster care. The Parent Handbook: A Guide for Parents with Children in Foster Care can help answer these questions.

 Download the Parent Handbook (PDF format, 40 pages, 285 kb)

 Download the Handbook in Chinese (PDF format, 520 kb)

Or, call the ACS Parents' and Children's Rights Unit at 212-676-9421 for a copy.

Handbook for Healthy Development of Children and Youth

ACS’s Child and Youth Development Handbook is designed to guide your casework practice during home visits concerning a child’s physical, mental or social well-being.

Download pamphlet in English (PDF format)

En Español: Derechos De los Niños  (PDF format)

Parents' Guide to State Laws

Parents' Guide to State Laws

The purpose of this guide is to:

  • Illustrate the difference between what parents or caregivers perceive to be their rights and the reality of child welfare laws.
  • Help parents and caregivers understand the laws of the child welfare system
  • Provide a partial list of resources to help parents or caregivers access the assistance they may need.

 Download Parents' Guide to New York State Child Abuse and Neglect Laws
(PDF format, 18 pages, 110 k)

 En Español: Guía para los Padres Sobre las Leyes del Estado de Nueva York con prespecto al Abuso y Negligencia de Menores
(PDF format, 18 pages, 110k)

Children's Rights Pamphlet

Children's Rights Pamphlet

Questions and answers for young people going into foster care:

 Download pamphlet in English  (PDF format, 2 pages, 130k)

 En Español: Derechos De los Niños  (PDF format, 2 pages, 110k)

Parents As Partners

Parents As Partners Pamphlet

Presentation of the Parents As Partners intiative and its referral process:

  Download pamphlet (PDF format, 2 pages, 600k)

 En Español: Padres como Colaboradores (PDF format, 2 pages, 400k)


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