NYC Administration for Children's Services
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Do I qualify for financial assistance?

To determine whether you qualify for a subsidy, NYC Children’s Services will consider your family income and your reason for needing care.

Please enter your family income from all sources, including employment income, alimony, child support, social security, unemployment benefits or other sources.

Enter each source of income once, next to the frequency with which you receive the income.  Enter your total income, before taxes and deductions. Then click on Total Monthly Income

Part 1: Calculate your monthly income

Weekly (payment once a week) Bi-weekly (pay every 2 weeks)
Semi-monthly (pay comes twice a month) Monthly (pay comes once a month)
Annually (total income for the year)    

Part 2: Find your subsidy income limit

Enter your family size

Your Subsidy Income Limit: $

Part 3: Check your Income Eligibility

Select one of the following categories to proceed:





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